Who We Serve DIGIEON’s clients include potentially any organization that has a data processing need, and needs to digitize data from physical or electronic formats. Primary industries include the accounting, mortgage and BFSI domains.
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Industries We provide solutions to government agencies, service bureaus, data conversion and record management organizations to any organization that wants to benefit from digital transformation of data that can be extracted, captured, archived and searched with some degree of automation. Our services add value to the organizations core business.
  • County offices and courtrooms benefit from digitized records
  • Easily integrate with existing software to increase functionality
  • Compression and hosting of maps for use in geological surveys
  • Patient history is easily accessible with a click of the mouse
  • Compress all medical images to be easily accessible
  • Manage patient records and charts digitally
  • Manage and control all aircraft maintenance documents at a single location
  • Digitize, compress and enhance all aircraft design documents
  • Reduced carbon footprint and lower costs
  • Store all case related documents at a single location
  • Legal precedents made available through searchable archives
  • Track legal documents within a configurable workflow
  • Handle claims workflow and documents easily
  • Extract, digitize and store insurance form data
  • Manage and store all title insurance documents
  • Assess risk coverage in a single step
Real Estate
  • Track, capture and instantly archive all relevant documents in real time
  • Search and retrieve all required property information
  • Hosted document management solution
  • Track student enrollments and program participation
  • Digitize and enable web access to old manuscripts and books
  • Manage and control all student generated documents
  • Strict access controls and appropriate permissions can be set for eBooks
  • Publish books in the e-Pub format
  • Searchable and controllable eBooks
  • Hosted solution for eBooks