Who We Serve DIGIEON’s clients include potentially any organization that has a data processing need, and needs to digitize data from physical or electronic formats. Primary industries include the accounting, mortgage and BFSI domains.
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Financial Services DIGIEON provides turnkey digitization solutions to the banking, financial services and insurance industries that process large volumes of paper. Our suite of products and services can be used standalone or preferably integrated together into a complete workflow. We will first scan and sort the physical or electronic document from an email watched folder, FTP, etc., then optimize it and then extract relevant data from it and upload to a legacy system or our own secure EDM system. Some of the banking and financial services where DIGIEON’s products play an important part are – Direct pre-processing, compliance, operations support, retail pre-processing, collateral appraisal, document indexing, account opening, document sorting, account maintenance, commercial credit file indexing, etc. Our service for the BFSI industry comes with adaptable deployment and flexible costing based on client necessity. Please contact sales@digieontech.com for a demo and pricing options.
Offshore service model
Cloud based model
In-house model
Processing done offshore Cloud based processing Processing done in-house
Lower per document cost by 50% Lower per document cost by 80% Lower per document cost by 90%
No setup fees Additional setup fees Additional setup fees
Upload documents to -
FTP, email or watched folder
Accessible as a service Installed with a license
Higher TAT Lower TAT Lower TAT
Reduce FTE by 90% Reduce FTE by 75% Reduce FTE by 60%
Automate up to 90% of all manual methods Automate up to 90% of all manual methods Automate up to 90% of all manual methods