Who We Serve DIGIEON’s clients include potentially any organization that has a data processing need, and needs to digitize data from physical or electronic formats. Primary industries include the accounting, mortgage and BFSI domains.
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Accounting Industry
Over 75% of SME’s use paper and excel to manage their financials. And with over 17% data loss due to manual data entry, the DIGIEON accounting automation service is one of the most appropriate offerings for the accounting industry. This is a cloud solution that provides automated data processing and validation services to bookkeeping and accounting businesses. The enormous accounting market spreads horizontally across every industry. Our service fills the vital role of getting data from paper or any other electronic documents (Fax, Spreadsheet, PDF, Images, etc.) into accounting software while eliminating data entry work and transposition errors. The service tagline, “Bookkeeping Without A Keystroke,” helps businesses save on resources while improving accuracy. It helps in eliminating the inefficiencies and impracticalities of manual bookkeeping. The service strongly resonates within the business accounting world. Currently we support QuickBooks™ Desktop, QuickBooks™ Online, XERO® and MYOB®. We are building support for other accounting systems like SAGE®, Oracle and SAP. With our service, you can save over 75% of processing costs with significant time saved in processing. Transactions can be uploaded within seconds and tools provided for upload, control audit and review ensure the accuracy of transaction data. Our service comes with the best and most reasonable pricing plans in the market.