Who We Serve DIGIEON’s clients include potentially any organization that has a data processing need, and needs to digitize data from physical or electronic formats. Primary industries include the accounting, mortgage and BFSI domains.
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Mortgage Processing
The mortgage industry generates a lot of paper and documentation as part of its regular process and workflow, and the loan origination system and loan packet processing is ubiquitous in every lenders activity. DIGIEON’s services for the mortgage industry automate most of the processes in the mortgage workflow and mortgage compliance, along with buyer verification. Our services enable the compliance with new regulations and allow lenders to serve their clients better and faster. Manual mortgage processing is a time consuming and labor intensive task, where there is a scope for errors. Skilled resources are required to organize, read, and evaluate mortgage applications which can run into many pages. DIGIEON mortgage processing sorts, classifies, ensures regulatory compliance, ensures accurate extraction and processing as per each state’s differing keying rules, validates, verifies and parses and exports crucial data in a format that lenders can easily follow to process the mortgage quickly and with minimal resources. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Ability to Repay (ATR) rules are forcing lenders to improve underwriting accuracy, thoroughness, and compliance or suffer the consequences with increased fines. This is where DIGIEON’s services will greatly help vendors easily comply with the above rules. Some of the mortgage services where DIGIEON’s products play an important part are – Name search, commitment keying, document indexing, foreclosures, deeds, abstract keying, tax typing, policy keying, research, mortgage data extraction, collateral appraisal, title orders, etc.