What We Build DIGIEON has gained a reputation for innovation and reliability, performing all document related services, deploying leading edge document management solutions and creating technologically advanced products.
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Products DIGIEON suite of patent protected products are built using the intellectual properties developed by the company and are offered as a cloud based service, individual products or integrated together as turnkey solutions. These technologies are flexible, robust, secure and scalable to design production grade solutions for various verticals with minimal resources and turnaround time.
Automated Data Extraction DIGIFlex™ is an automated forms processing application which processes, extracts and verifies data quickly and accurately. Simple, yet Powerful EDM DIGIDocx™ gives you real-time access to all your information with comprehensive and fast searches of document and image libraries. Guaranteed Optimization DIGIProcx™ optimizes, compresses and enhances images along with multi-layer PDF creation for searchable images.
DIGIEON suite of patent protected products cover the entire gamut of document management and processing, starting from the physical document to the electronic record. These technologically advanced products combined with our expertise and patent licenses in data extraction and conversion allows us to maximize the product effectiveness and allow organizations to focus on their business differentiators.