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DIGIArcx™ DIGIArcx™ is a DVD/CD/Portable drive based document search and archival system. With DIGIArcx™, you can carry your library of documents with you in any format, and can search and retrieve relevant documents. Its network capabilities allow a limited intranet access to documents on portable media.
  • Web based document management tool to integrate digital documents into business processes.
  • DVD/CD/Portable drive based document search and archival system.
  • Portable library of documents (multiple formats supported).
  • Search and retrieve relevant documents.
  • Network capabilities allow a limited intranet access to documents on portable media.
The White Glove Treatment for Your Valuable Assets DIGIArcx™ metadata retrieval tool is a powerful, secure archival solution for the most delicate, valuable, and intelligent image and text collections. Protect and Preserve All Your Content Secure access for a variety of content, from maps and charts to newspapers and periodicals, photographs and slides. Content can be safeguarded in two files as both an image of the original and a text version. Fast and User-Friendly DIGIArcx™ is intuitive, with a user-friendly browser interface. The superior function of its logical search engine allows simultaneous searches, DIGIArcx™ efficiency factor speeds retrieval times. Sophisticated Archival Solutions Provides search and retrieve index level and full-text OCR output metadata. Protects content and image integrity of archive materials. Preserves and maintains value of archive materials. Builds redundant archives for security and disaster protection. Supports Conversion from legacy systems to highly functional digital document management. Simplifies transition to improved technology with simple user interfaces. Maximizes user efficiency and accuracy. Features
  • Processing support for simple and complex file types – which means that regardless of the file type, DIGIArcx™ can process it.
  • Full-text search OCR documents – which means that more comprehensive search and retrieval.
  • Pattern search (fuzzy search) for near text matches – which means searches with minimum information.
  • Image and text files available for original documents – which means greater accuracy as you can compare both text and image.
  • Customized indexing for searchable index fields – which means you can decide what fields you want to search.
  • PDF A standard for long-term storage of image files – which means your files are stored in the latest industry standard format.