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DIGIFlex™ DIGIFlex™ drastically reduces FTE’s and costs used for repetitive and rules based data entry using automated data extraction as part of a complete data capture workflow, including scanning and image optimization. Built using patented field finding and DocID technology, DIGIFlex™ can accurately find and extract data from any structured, unstructured or complex form. Features –
  • Unique field finding and document identification technology
  • High data accuracy
  • 90% of manual processing eliminated
  • Hands free extraction
  • Developed using patented methods and processes (U.S 8,170,372)
  • Multiple document type processing
  • Distributed processing for high volume data extraction
  • Cross check validations
  • Flexible to support any rule based extraction
Document Acquisition - No sorting is required for documents. DIGIFlex™ uses DocID to accurately identify any document that enters the system using a unique “finger printing” technology and then apply a template to that document. Batches can contain multiple document types. Field Acquisition - DIGIFlex™ uses Field Finding, to locate data anywhere in the document regardless of its location. Whether structured forms (e.g., credit card forms), semi structured forms (e.g., invoices) and unstructured forms (e.g., deeds, mortgages), the form complexity does not affect field finding and DIGIFlex™ retrieves every field, every time. DIGIFlex™ can be integrated with an ICR engine to read handwritten data as well, since it will retrieve the handwritten image snippet. Adaptive learning - DIGIFlex™ uses an adaptive learning algorithm to find fields from initial learning and subsequent processing and change suggestions and applies it to future processing after verification. Flexible Deployment - DIGIFlex™ can be used as a standalone system, installed as an on-site service, a cloud based service or as an outsourced service by DIGIEON. High speed configuration and distributed processing enables large volumes to be processed daily. DIGIFlexTM runs in the background and does not require constant monitoring. Dynamic Validation - DIGIFlex™ verifies and formats data using sources such as lookups, keying matrices, through automatic learning, data definitions and cross check verifications. In case data is not extracted within accuracy thresholds (e.g., sum of line items does not match total), image snippet with correction suggestions are sent to a verifier to select the correct option. By comparing with customer data, DIGIFlex™ further automates reconciliation while reducing the number of verifications. Superior Accuracy - DIGIFlex™ extracts >90% of all fields with a data accuracy between 95% to 99%. This is due to the use of highly efficient and multiple OCR engines, where polled OCR determines the correct value for fields with low confidence levels. For those it cannot decide it itself, DIGIFlex™ sends the options to a verifier, who can select the correct one or make a correction on the fly. Highly Customizable - DIGIFlex™ is extremely customizable and can be integrated with tools to parse and export data in any format. Quality control interfaces can be customized depending on the requirement. Competitive Costs - DIGIFlex™ services are licensed on a per click charge or a perpetual license. Costs include licenses, maintenance and processing and training costs. Prices are flexible based on the number of OCR engines, and can be very rational, especially considering the cost savings in higher volumes, greater accuracy and reduced resources. Technology behind DIGIFlex™ – Image optimization using DIGIProcx™, DocID, Field Finding, Polled OCR, adaptive learning, data verification, parsing, export and QC tools make DIGIFlex™ a truly automated FTE. Advantages –
  • Faster TAT's per batch
  • Lower FTE's
  • More accurate data
  • Greater data security
  • Higher automation
  • Reduced manual processing
  • Process larger volumes with no corresponding increase in FTE's
Benefits –
  • Scalable - Scale up volumes easily due to automation.
  • Secure - More machine processing and less to no manual processing.
  • Economical - Save on time and costs with reduced FTE's, faster TAT's and reduced training intervals.
  • Efficient - Improve KPI's with accurate and validated data and reduced manual process work.
  • Productive - Higher automated processing frees up FTE's for more value added tasks.