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DIGIProcx™ DIGIProcx™ is the ultimate image optimization system because of its lossless compression, image enhancement and multi layered searchable image and PDF generation capability using powerful algorithms. Superior PDF compression and image processing software that produces the smallest PDF files.
  • Delivers intelligent and searchable characteristics with excellent image quality.
  • User-friendly interface with unparalleled capabilities to optimize text files and images.
  • Index field data embedded in the multi-page PDF files for easy import into EDM packages.
  • DIGIProcx™ lets you produce the smallest PDF files possible today, while delivering intelligent and searchable characteristics with excellent image quality.
  • DIGIProcx™ guarantees you results other products cannot even promise.
Store Your Image and Index Data in One File! With a user-friendly interface, DIGIProcx™ gives you unparalleled capabilities to optimize your text files and images. Index field data embedded in the multi-page PDF files can readily be imported into most EDM packages. DIGIProcx™ supports multiple software products with compliant full text and image search and is capable of production batch processing. Your Documents the Way You Want Them!
  • Create searchable text document collections.
  • Digitally optimize and preserve document archives.
  • Improve image contrast and clarity.
  • Reduce file size of document collections while maintaining quality in text and/or photos.
  • Smooth rough edges of text to preserve quality.
  • Create intelligent document libraries with embedded metadata fields from external sources.
  • Optimize and upgrade existing PDF documents.
  • Create high quality image documents with small file sizes for mobile Internet.
  • Embedded metadata added in the XML layer - which means that your images can be indexed and searched.
  • Search options expanded with full text OCR search - which means that full text OCR’d from images can be searched.
  • Production grade batch processing capabilities - which means that multiple batches with different configurations can be processed simultaneously.
  • Reduce file size - down to 1% - which means you can transform images based on where they will be used and reduce image transportation and storage cost without losing quality.
  • Enhanced image quality - which means images with improved contrast.
  • Smooth rough edges - which mean images with better text presentation.