What We Provide Because of the digitization initiative by organizations and governments, DIGIEON’s latest range of automation services offer quick and simple yet powerful solutions that mesh with today’s business models and strategy.
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Services DIGIEON’s range of document and digitization services deploy leading edge technologies that optimize and integrate the products into are either cloud based, in house or offshored. These services have gained a reputation for innovation and reliability that solve our customer’s most pressing digitization needs while keeping well within cost and budget.
Automate your Finances DIGIBookx™ enables bookkeeping without a keystroke, and allows you to extract and upload financial transactions with no data entry. Repurposed Legacy Data With our conversion services, you can digitize legacy data and images into a secure and searchable image and text repository. Transform and Archive With DIGIEON, you can transform your electronic records into easily publishable formats and archive using ISO complaint methods.
DIGIEON uses patent pending technology for capturing data and digitizing it for electronic use, storage and retrieval. When the highest possible levels of accuracy are critical, high volume OCR with complete redundancy for full-text OCR cleanup and data entry is offered. Both manual and automated data extraction techniques along with data validation and Bates number generation are part of the services offered.