What We Provide Because of the digitization initiative by organizations and governments, DIGIEON’s latest range of automation services offer quick and simple yet powerful solutions that mesh with today’s business models and strategy.
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Conversion and Extraction
DIGIEON handles document conversion from any document format into the exact format needed. Full support is provided for most of the formats. Using a reliable and cost effective process, documents are scanned and converted to a variety of formats or transformed from one format to other. Delimited text files that facilitate easy import into most 3rd party systems are offered as output. Microfilm and microfiche digitizing and conversions along with data migration services and solutions are also offered. DIGIEON's ISO/Adobe-compliant imaging processes result in images that are made available via fundamental COTS technologies, but doing so to:
  1. Improve the contrast resolution of all originally captured data.
  2. Ensure that all image raster content is ISO compliant for consistent functioning within the Adobe compliant PDF/A wrapper files.
  3. Image content is presented using ISO and Adobe compliant methods to improve image display utility for near and long term interpretation and archival purposes. Multiple patent applications have been filed for the image processing software.
Features and benefits –
  • Scanning and document conversion services.
  • Paper to digital and electronic conversion services.
  • Conversion to multiple formats.
  • Streamlined solutions according to business needs.
  • Strong quality control process ensures 99% accuracy.
  • Customer feedback driven process improvement.
Publishing Services –
  • ePub format creation and presentation methods from multiple input sources.
  • Proven methodology to accurately capture and publish digitized paper and records.
  • Files are cleaned up, structure is defined and retagging performed.
  • Paper sources are scanned and enhanced before processing.
  • Simplified and continuously improved business processes.
  • Enhanced productivity by real time access to documents.